Pyramid Treat Box using 6 x 6 patterned paper - no glue or cutting.

Wrapped in Plaid 6" x 6" patterned paper is gorgeous tartan and gold lined and makes lovely 3D projects as is really sturdy. These pyramid treat boxes are just folded, no glue, no cutting just one sheet of 6" x 6" dsp. They are fairly easy to make and once you have had a few goes they will become easier. I suggest the first one you make with some copy paper or scrap paper and then when you have the folds perfected then make them in any patterned paper you choose. I love these for Christmas and would have them scattered around the bottom of the tree or in a basket filled with little gifts or sweet treats to give out at Christmas. They would also work as party favours or wedding favours . The shape is what makes these little boxes so cute. Here is the step by step video tutorial which will show you how to make these pyramid treat boxes. * Video Goes live Tuesday 17th September at 7 am MY NEW SHOP FRONT IS NOW LIVE - CHECK IT OUT HERE


DIY Hack You Need to Know That Will Help Stamps Stick

I've got a DIY hack you need to know that will help stamps stick to your acrylic blocks. No longer will they fall off and mess up your paper projects!


April Paper Pumpkin Alternate Ideas & May Sneak Peek

Let the creative juices begin! Enjoy these three simple and pretty alternate ideas for the Stampin' Up! 'My Wonderful Family' Paper Pumpkin Kit (April 2020). HAVE A FAVORITE? Share your favorite with a comment . BECOME A MEMBER OF MY PAPER PUMPKIN CLUB! When you subscribe to Stampin'


March 2020 No Matter The Weather Paper Pumpkin Alternate Ideas

The March 2020 Paper Pumpkin kit couldn't have come at a better time! The messages and images are supportive, fresh and cheerful. The world seems a bit upside-down with the COVID-19 virus pandemic, and social distancing can be lonely, boring, or even stressful for some of us. So I created my projects keeping this in mind. The kit is titled No Matter the Weather. It included a bonus stamp set (Yay!!) and supplies to put together twelve 3-1/2” x 5” note cards and envelopes. It included the supplies shown below. I like to think outside the box…see what else I


Paper Ballerina Snowflakes - Kids Kubby

Here is a tutorial, as well as free printable ballerina templates and snowflake patterns to create whimsical little paper ballerina snowflakes. Hang them in your room, or even on the Christmas tree!


Easy + gorgeous tissue paper art {perfect for kids!} - It's Always Autumn

Tissue paper art is not only gorgeous, it's super easy to make! This fun kid's art project is the perfect indoor activity for a rainy day


Learn how to make stunning paper roses with this free printable paper rose template! Step by step instructions for making paper roses.


Brooklyn New York Shadow Box

this is the new Brooklyn Blue shadow box that is now available in my shop. This is part of the new series i have been working on - This is a 5 layer paper sculpture hand-cut by me. All of the paper is acid free. And no 2 pieces will ever be the same. This little slice of New York city is protected inside a 6x6 frame and can be wall mounted or placed on your favorite shelf. This is an original piece of artwork and comes signed and dated. I can also create a custom background color to a color of your choosing if you so desire.


How To Make Easy Cheap Artwork with Scrapbook Paper - 2 Bees in a Pod

How To Make Easy Cheap Artwork with Scrapbook Paper



This weeks FB Webcast featured the CAT PUNCH PROJECT SHEETS BELOW with sizes and shopping links.... CAT PUNCH NOTEBOOK CAT PUNCH SYMPATHY CARD (easily convert to any occasion just by changing the sentiment) Please use Host Code RRDFEUBV when shopping in my online store THANK YOU! PLEASE SHARE MY FB LINK SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!


How to Make Miniature Flowers, Pots and Vases in Paper Quilling

Learn the art of paper quilling. By following these easy instructions for paper quilling, you can make your own beautiful 3D flower models.


Paper Mug Tutorial

How to make Paper Mugs with a score board and double sided paper.


How To Make A Shadow Box With Cricut Paper Flowers

You learned How To Make Paper Rose now what to do with them. One of my favorite paper rose projects is the Ombre paper flower shadow box.


How to make envelopes from scrapbook paper!


DIY Rose paper flowers tutorial step by step with pictures

There are many ways to DIY rose from paper. You can check the others rose tutorials here.And today is another quick tutorial to make a lace paper rose.


Flower Embellishments from Scraps :: Amy Heller

Hi everyone! It's Amy Heller here today and I'm really excited about the tutorial I'm bringing to you today! Some of you may know, I'm both a scrapper and card maker. I love coming up with handmade embellishments that I...


40 Creative Paper Crafts Ideas

One of my favorite DIY past times is so underrated by so many. Not sure how more people don't have a love for paper crafts. How about you? If you don't know by now how so many things there are that you can make from a simple piece of paper, you are about to learn. When you don't feel like getting out a ton of supplies or making something super complicated, paper can be your new crafting best friend. I keep a good supply of pretty papers on hand just for this purpose, in fact. I love making cards, envelopes,


10 Amazing Projects Made Out of Paper

Paper my be flat, but it can be transformed into amazing dimensional works-of-art. Grab some cardstock or construction paper and make something amazing!


April Paper Pumpkin Alternate Ideas & May Sneak Peek

Let the creative juices begin! Enjoy these three simple and pretty alternate ideas for the Stampin' Up! 'My Wonderful Family' Paper Pumpkin Kit (April 2020). HAVE A FAVORITE? Share your favorite with a comment . BECOME A MEMBER OF MY PAPER PUMPKIN CLUB! When you subscribe to Stampin'


1-Hour Projects

Spruce up your home with one of these done-in-an-hour DIY projects. Some projects require dry time, but all require less than an hour of hands-on work. What's not to love about that?


3D Potted Paper Cactus - Lia Griffith

The beauty of making potted paper cactus is that you can still have that trendy design element without having to worry about pricking yourself with spines


How to Make an Envelope

How to Make an Envelope. Homemade envelopes can add a personal touch to any card or letter. You can easily make an envelope at home using a few basic supplies. Get a paper that's about twice as large as your desired envelope size. If in...


Bleeding Tissue Paper Canvas Art

How to create a stunning bleeding tissue paper canvas art piece to keep. This process art is a fabulous and simple kids craft perfect for kids of all ages


Are You Gonna Go My Way? Creative Uses for Old Maps

Things you can make with old maps. DIY ideas for old maps. Creative ways to use old maps in crafts and art.


Walking Paper Horse!

Here’s a fun STEM project – make a paper horse that walks on its own! A few months ago, I saw this really interesting project on Pinterest where you can make a horse out of paper that really walks on its own down an incline, and I’ve been wanting to try it. Well, our mandatory […]


Nature-Inspired Paper Projects

Grab your camera, head outdoors, and let nature be your muse for these simple and elegant transfer projects. Use your printer and different types of transfer paper to embellish everything from fabric to furniture.


105+ Ultimate ways to use scrapbooking paper - Free Pretty Things For You %

In this post, I have collected 105+ ultimate ways to use scrapbooking paper For DIY home decor, parties, gifts and so much more!


Paper Strawberry Surprise Ball - The House That Lars Built

For April’s book club book, we’ve been reading all about the meanings of different flowers and I’ve been fascinated! I’m probably ruined because I can no longer look at a flower without wondering the deeper symbolism. Did you know that in the Victorian flower language (yes, it’s a thing and it’s amazing) the strawberry represents “sweetness …


Dragon Paper Cup Puppet Craft with Step by Step Video from, too.


The Forgotten Art of Letter Writing and Simple DIY Envelopes

DIY Envelopes