Ruin Scatter - 15mm 28mm 32mm 42mm Dragon's Rest Wargaming Terrain Scatter D&D DnD Pathfinder Warham

“Mädia crouched behind the ruins of the old tower as the brigands walked by. Why were they here, after everything had been destroyed?”The Ruin Scatter set is some nice scatter for your fantasy tabletop and role-playing games. The two different pieces can be used in countless different situations where a bit of rubble or a piece of ruined building is needed. The larger of the two pieces measures approximately 2.25"x1.75"x1.5" in the 28mm scale (1.25"x1"x0.75" in 15mm, 2.5"x2"x1.75" in 32mm, and 3.25"x2.75"x2.25" in 42mm).Item comes unpainted in 2 pieces. As with all 3D prints, some finishing may be required.All items are printed in non-toxic PLA filament. Item is printed at a high 0.15mm resolution (and an ultra high 0.1mm resolution for small pieces).Pictured item is at 28mm scale; 15mm, 32mm, and 42mm are also options. Custom print resolutions are available and can be used if requested.This item is commercially licensed from Dragon's Rest.