Moana Tamatoa/Tomatoa Crab Halloween Costume for Infants | Etsy

For this costume, please reference the sizing chart to order the proper size. We make custom dresses and costumes for any occasion. We can model the costume after any character, but are making this costume after the Tamatoa Crab character in Moana. We will post pictures when our costume is complete, but will be using the materials seen in the pictures above to emulate the costume shown in the picture of the young child (from google images). We plan to use a Hanes purple sweatsuit as a base for the costume and then add the claws, headpiece, and crab shell "backpack." The crab shell will have real seashells, pearl trim, rope, and other items to make it look just like Tamatoa's shell! We also make a Moana, Maui, Grandma, Heihei, Te Fiti, Kakamora, and two different Pua pig costumes if you're looking for a whole family of Moana costumes (and we have a Moana embellished tank with seashells on it as well). Please reach out if you have any questions or are interested in customizing this costume. We're happy to help and make you a beautiful custom design!