Our All the Angles Moroccan Wall Stencil is a great modern, Moroccan-inspired, geometric stencil pattern. With tile elements reaching almost 10 inches in the large size, this triangle allover pattern can be used as floor stencils for a faux tile design. The medium size helps you achieve a Wallpaper effect on any wall you stencil it on. Large, 5 inch tile shapes can be easily painted in various colors, or paint a stripe of color as a base for an interesting focal point to your finished wall. Both include a FREE ceiling filler element for easy stenciling at the ceiling line. To decorate small DIY projects with a similar look, use our All the Angles Moroccan Craft Stencil. Small Stencil Pattern Size: 9.75"w x 14.75"hSmall Stencil Sheet Size: 11.75"w x 16.75"h Medium Stencil Pattern Size: 19.5"w x 19.5"hMedium Stencil Sheet Size: 21.75"w x 21.75"h Large Stencil Pattern Size: 21.75"w x 21.75"h Large Stencil Sheet Size: 23.5"w x 23.5"hSingle Layer DesignSKU#: 6135S, 6135M, and 6135L